Instead of worrying about your upcoming energy bill... take control of it!

Southern Alarms can integrate various Energy-Management products into your security system.  These products assess, learn, and adapt-to, your specific lifestyle, in order to make automatic adjustments that vastly improve the efficiency of your home.  In other words, you don't have to "do"...anything, except contact Southern Alarms, and request a free in-home assessment.  In almost all cases, the savings from these systems can offset most (if not all) of the total monitoring fees, including the security portion.  Most users see a reduction in energy costs, of 20%!

  • smart schedule automation
  • usage reports displayed in kilowatt hours, or in actual dollars/$/cost
  • adaptive, multi-sensor learning
  • location-based automation
  • integrated with your home security
"Without ADT, I would have gone to bed and not waken up the next day due to the dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in my home.  I am a customer for life.
Delores White
Jackson, Mississippi
"Thanks to ADT, the fire department was here within minutes and my home, my son and our pets were saved.  I am a customer for life."  
Kelly Provost
​Big Lake, Minnesota
"We will always have ADT.  We feel safe and secure with it.  We are customers for life."  
Jessica and Jared Stice
Joblin, Missouri

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Southern Alarms is the only Authorized ADT Dealer that is both locally-owned and operated in Louisiana.  Offering installation, service, and support (from locally-licensed professionals), and the highest-quality monitoring services from the world's most trusted name in security: ADT.

  • Honeywell Products: the #1 ranked manufacturer of security equipment
  • Multiple communication options: Landline, GSM (i.e. Cellular) and VOIP
  • Smarthome Technology from zWave: Thermostats, Locks, Lights, and more
  • Systems available for any application: from studio apartments, to luxury homes; from small offices to large warehouses, and everything in between

A House Divided, Cannot Stand.

Southern Alarms can design a multi-faceted system that integrates every aspect of your home (or just a few) so that they communicate with one another and make the adjustments necessary to keep your house as safe - and efficient - as possible.

  • security devices
  • life safety devices
  • intercoms and video displays
  • access control
  • flood sensors
  • freeze protection for pipes
  • lighting
  • thermostats and heat pumps
  • garage doors, driveway sensors, fence protection, and more
  • ​see below for just one example