Contrary to what many (if not most) consumers believe, ADT does NOT offer (by default) a FREE or even a $99 Installation.  This is a specific aspect of their Marketing and Advertising efforts.  We see the commercials all the time, so we can understand why people think it's always available.  But those commercials are being aired in specific areas (at specific times), when ADT is attempting to increase their visibility in that specific area.  Unfortunately, since a given cable or satellite provider may broadcast across large areas, some people are diappointed (and even sometimes upset) to learn that when they call in, they do not qualify for the commercial they have just seen.  This is nothing over which to be upset with ADT; it is simply an unavoidable side-effect of modern-day broadcasting approaches.  What it does mean, however, is that the annoying guy who knocks on your door - claiming to have a limited-time offer for a Free Security System - is actually worth a few minutes of your time.  Trust us... they know it's bothersome, and they'd much rather be in an air-conditioned office somewhere, but "It really is a good deal; jump on it."  If you have had someone knock on your door in the last couple days, good news!  You probably qualify for this promotion (TIP: Most promotions for a specific area run through Saturday, although some are just 1-2 day promotions.  You can always call Southern Alarms directly; we, of course, will always know where our Team is currently assigned and can validate the dates/limitations of that Promotion. Please don't wait for that knock, or that flyer, though.  Sometimes ADT schedules us months in advance, and we are more than willing to get a head-start on that area; it makes it that much easier on us to fulfill our obligation to ADT if we already have a Promotional Customer setup before we even start that campaign.  So call and see if you are inside a current (or upcoming) Campaign area.  Also, if you are in an extremely high-traffic area, we can usually get you approved for a Promotional Install, regardless of a campaign-assignment.  We'll gladly have ADT pay us for your equipment/install if we can get it approved.  Lastly, we sincerely apologize - in advance - for the reality that there are simply some locations that cannot be approved from an advertising standpoint.  If you do not qualify, we promise we will do our best to give you the very best price we can on a state-of-the-art system.  On average, Southern alarms installs systems for $200-$300 less than any other company in the area.  Give us a chance.  There's a reason why we use Honeywell for our equipment, and ADT for our Monitoring Service Provider; they are the undisputed #1 in their respective categories.  Promotion or no promotion, Southern Alarms wants to be your #1 choice for security.

At Southern Alarms, we are honored to help all families to better protect their homes.  This is especially true when it comes to those who serve our homes and our families.  If you - or a member of your immediate household - is a beloved Senior citizen, a member of our great Military, a servant of a religious institution, an employee of the school system, or a brave member of a Police/Fire/Medical department, Southern Alarms would like to thank you for your service, and offer you 20% off all equipment and installation costs.

Disclaimer: If you are being setup by a member of the ADT Marketing and Advertising Team, we would not be able to apply this discount.  This is a very special/unique application in which customers (who happen to reside within a targeted area - during a specified ADT Marketing Campaign) can receive a security system from $0 - $99, in exchange for assisting ADT in an active Advertising effort for that specific area.  Therefore, we are unable to further discount those applications.  In the event that a customer meets the qualifications of this discount and ALSO resides within a Marketing Campaign area, and that customer wishes to have additional equipment installed (above and beyond what the Advertising Team is authorized to give them for Free, then - yes - the 20% discount could be applied to the additional purchases.  If you have any questions about this - or any other - promotion, please contact us at any time.